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User Testing For Non-Profit Organisations

We get it. Your first priority as an NPO is the cause you're fighting for. But! That is no excuse for
organisations to neglect their website and limit potential donors with poor usability.

User testing for non-profits is an extremely beneficial process which is guaranteed to give you results. For more information regarding how UX testing for non-profits can help your organisation, read on.

Develop a blissful journey

Exceptional customer experience online has the power to convert potential donors.Using our digital testing services, discover where and why people funnel out of your platform and find a solution. The online journey should be blissful and easy for current and new donors.

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Help newcomers learn about your cause

Trustworthiness and the cause you support is essential information for any donor. Discover how newcomers interact with your website and understand their online journeys. Ensure routes feature important information to convert potential donors.

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Make it easy for donors

As a non-profit organisation your website is the last stop before receiving or losing a donation. Testing your website from its inception is the best way to ensure the path to donate is as easy as possible for any user.

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