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User Testing: Software as a Service

You would never subscribe to a service that wasn't abundantly clear and easy to use so don't expect your customers
to! Ensure your website is crystal clear with sufficient information for new users to make informed decisions.

Answer your customer's questions

Connect with real users and discover what information they actually look for when it comes to making decisions. Explore your customer's online experience and stop users from funneling out. Develop a website that shows off your product.

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Increase conversion

Subscribing to an unfamiliar company online can be daunting for anyone, especially newcomers who aren't aware of your service. Watch real users interact with your website and understand which pathways and what information will improve user conversion.

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Stop customers from funneling out

Poor usability definitely counters the number of customers who subscribe to your platform. Discover major pain points within your website and use this knowledge as a source of advantage. Improving these areas will lower the bounce rate from newcomers.

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