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No. Rather, you will be paid.

Payment varies depending on task length and complexity. We have a variety of test types which include unmoderated tests such as Survey Only, Video plus Survey and Eye Tracking Tests as well as moderated test sessions. Payment is processed once your test submission has been successfully reviewed and approved. Payment times vary, depending on the scale of the project. Large tests can take a little longer. Test remuneration information specific to each test will be provided with test materials.

If your sample test is approved, you’ll start receiving emails notifying you about new testing opportunities.

All unmoderated video user tests and moderated test sessions require a microphone. Most recent Laptops have a built-in microphone.

Some tests require you to be an Australian Resident, but we do have other tests where location doesn’t matter.

You can use either a PC or Mac that meets these requirements:

Operating system: Windows 7, 8 or 10.
Memory: At least 1 GB of total RAM and 0.5 GB of available RAM.
Free disk space: At least 7 GB of free disk space.
Browser: Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 45, or Chrome 49.

Operating system: OS X 10.7 or higher
Memory: At least 1 GB of total RAM and 0.5 GB of available RAM.
Free disk space: At least 7 GB of free disk space.
Browser: Firefox 45, Safari 8, or Chrome 49.

For mobile tests, you need an Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet. Sign up first to be a desktop tester, and then you can add mobile testing.

For mobile tests, your device will need to meet these requirements:

Operating system: iOS 8 or higher
Memory: At least 400MB of free space.

Operating system: Android OS 5.0 or higher
Memory: At least 400MB of available space on your device when you try to take a test.

You’ll need to download the screen recorder onto your desktop or laptop computer. IOS tablets or mobiles use the in-built screen recording capability however Android mobile devices also require downloading recording software.

Yes. PayPal is our chosen payment platform.

TestMate does not withhold any taxes from payments. Testers are responsible for determining any tax liabilities incurred from payments received by TestMate.

The application process is simple. Fill out the Sign Up Form and complete a short sample test to become a tester.

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